Thousands of Reference Materials, Inorganic Standards, including AA, ICP, ICP/MS, EPA and ASTM Methods, Wear Metals, Sulfur Standards, Wet Chemical Standards, and more are available. Most come with Certificate of Analysis and MSDS, and almost all are in stock for same day shipment.  We have the following categories standards and reference materials available.

-                      Chinese Drug & Medicine

-                      Natural Compound & Plant Extract

-                      BP, USP, EP Standards

-                      LGC, BCR, CRM, NWRI, NIST, RTC, ATCC standard

-                      NIST Traceable Single Element AA Standard

-                      Single Element ICP-AES & MS Calibration Standard

-                      Modifiers for Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption (GFAA)

-                      Metal Standards in Organic Matrix

-                      Custom-made Metals Mixture Standard

-                      Pesticide, PBB, PCB, PAH Individual & Mix Standard

-                      Calibration–Mix Standard

-                      Phenol & Aromatic Compounds Mix Standard

-                      Custom Synthesis Organics Mix Standard

-                      Multi-Element ICP-AES & MS Calibration Standards for U.S. EPA methods & CLP Programs

-                      Standards for XRF Analysis

-                      Conductivity Standard

-                      Standard & Reagent for BOD, COD and TOC


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