Metals & Alloys
IL supplies virtually all of the pure metals from Aluminum to Zirconium as well as a comprehensive range of alloys. Most are available in a variety of forms including rod, wire, foil, powder etc.

The ceramic materials offered by IL have been carefully chosen and include both the established as well as the more recently developed advanced ceramics. All are available as either standard or custom-made items in a variety of forms and sizes.

The range of polymers supplied by IL is broad and includes both the familiar as well as some of the more unusual or recently developed materials. Polymers are available in a variety of forms and sizes.

Compounds & Intermetallics
IL can supply aluminides, borides and silicides as well as other intermetallics and compounds.

We can offer a custom-made basis composite.

Sputtering Targets
Sputtering is the deposition of materials in Atomic Layers from a solid source target by ion bombardment. IL Sputtering Targets are available in standard sizes for most major manufacturers sputtering systems.

Silicon Wafers
IL stocks an inventory of silicon wafers in a wide variety of specifications to meet your requirements for test, monitor, and prime material. We have a large selection of diameters, type/dopants, orientations, resistivities, thicknesses, and grades in stock for immediate delivery.

Single Crystals

A material grown as a monocrystal, generally to a specific orientation, dimension and surface finish. It may contain a dopant. Single crystals are usually made to order.


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