Enzymes are biological catalysts responsible for supporting almost all of the chemical reactions that maintain animal homeostasis. Because of their role in maintaining life processes, the assay and pharmacological regulation of enzymes have become key elements in clinical diagnosis and therapeutics. IL offers all class of enzymes includes Oxidoreductases, Transferases, Hydrolases, Lyases, Isomerases, Ligases.

Cell Culture Media
IL offers wide range of cell culture media which includes Animal Cell culture media, Plant Cell culture media, Balanced Salt solution, Animal Cell ready liquid media and ready liquid salts, Bacteriological Ingredients and Chemical solution for cell culture etc.

Diagnostic Kits
IL provide an exhaustive range of Diagnostic products and unmatched services in Diagnostic Trade. IL Diagnostics provides:

- Laboratory Instruments, Diagnostic Reagents, Accessories etc.

- Whether you are looking for Fully Automated Immunoassay Systems, Chemistry Analyzers or Diagnostic Kits, IL can provide you with anything and everything.

- At IL, we have products with Latest Technology - PCR, ELISA, IFA, Fully Automated Immunoassay Systems and others are all available with us.

- IL is the complete Diagnostics Solution Provider, whether a Blood Bank, Pathology Lab, Microbiology Lab or Research Lab - we have it all.


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